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The site has been designed to form the definitive-purchasing guide for the sector, with a target audience that includes Nursing Homes, Care Homes, Clinics, Private & NHS Hospitals, etc.

The site will be divided under specific headings for ease of use and will also be fully indexed by company name and category of supply. All general day-day supply requirements of the nursing sector as well as specialised services and products are to be included upon the site, Covered by headings such as: Building & Maintenance, Catering Supplies & Services, Communications, Energy & Conservation, Health & Safety, I.T. Products & Services, Marketing & Promotional Products & Services, Office Supplies, Professional & Business Services, Security & Fire Prevention Products & Services, Interiors & Furnishings, Special Needs Equipment and Furnishings, Interaction and Stimulation Products etc. Indeed the entire spectrum of public sector supply will be covered.

Positions within the site are strictly limited. We can arrange the design of your advertisement at no extra cost to yourselves if required.

All advertisers will be requested to choose a heading under which their advertisement will be entered within the site, for example “Printer”. Each advertiser can be included in up to two other headings in which they can be cross-referenced within the category-heading index at time of space allocation.

In the meantime should you have any questions or require further details concerning the website please do not hesitate to contact us.

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